Greeting from the Prez – Winter 2003

Well, we’re in a deep freeze and sailing seems far away (unless you’re a brave soul who is frostbiting somewhere), but there is much to report.

First, a deep thanks to outgoing Fleet Captain Jeremy Bloxham. Jeremy did a great job, and we’ll miss him in the fleet (although I guess all our finishes will move up one notch!). Other fleet members are also getting well deserved breaks after years of service — Peter Beckett as Treasurer, John Thompson as Social Chair, and Rusty Tredwell as Fleet Bar. Thanks for your hard work!

Second, congratulations to the award winners from this fall. John Thompson and Kimberly Pasley took home much-deserved Most Improved and Best Crew awards respectively. John and Kimberly are always out racing, and there is no better illustration of the impact of hard work as watching John and Kimberly move up in the standings from series to series. Steve Braese won the

Rookie of the Year. Rusty Tredwell took home the Special Award, awarded in grateful thanks for an upgrade in the quality of beer at fleet parties (Renee Mitchell take note!). Shan McAdoo won the Presidents Award, for his work on the fleet web site. By the way, keep an eye on the web site for the latest on preparations for Nationals.

Third, thanks to new fleet member Karl Renney, who took the initiative to organize a group sail purchase. Last I heard, 30 sails were being purchased with a very considerable aggregate discount of over $4K off retail prices!

I look forward to seeing you at the Mid-Winter party

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