Rhodes 19 Strategy Clinic

May 6, 2010

Presented by the Marblehead Rhodes 19 Fleet 5

Fleet 5 would like to thank its panelists: Jud Smith, Jack Slattery and Bill Lynn. The evening was a great success and well attended. For those who missed it or would like to review, video of the discussion is available here.


(Useful? No.  Hilarious? Yes.  Brought to you by the power of YouTube!)

I he my I’ll good every running good hillary was who is you I absolutely vital you and bird I’m slow 0 this issue problem he had his anyway %uh me know in with yet fine home I just as well years I moreover Jan girls can handle I have even more for you army europeans my observers him are rolling I’m here you and probably the most impressive of was you wouldn’t want yeah a during go yes I did not sit well a ready in group homes people’s where yes one are you are you really didn’t know how to ask me he was with his up but also bring home wholesalers from Auburn of his time in your home and you I’m and i’ll know I billed as one of the top you sealed sit around are you find his own earned him is the home was sold world world and well I’m holloman are you know videos and I yield friend to he’s also we’ve done with ahead so I know this is a yeah who flew over my is I’ll we’re gonna grace I’ll from a serves you well and rules are was through any I’ll rude he is with us is the Miserables or I weapon home yeah oh yeah and it has I’m each other %uh yeah I we’re gonna have he said II has a all the questions there’s a Yahoo is so then I on a personal question for way of birth weight his so how are you star where your priorities on I’ll came on than that store get enough group here in your room okay %uh tennessee was are not busy awaiting your honor’s I’ll he’s more yes you know owns the stuff the 1i unsealed you didn’t read more less so hired so has it was hard all her short for Karen for thank you notes and energize you happen to have a long way home and via I’m the same have heard it I’m just more I’m believes you was there is doing my insides hitting on you painewebber that is also reminding had whether that first time is always fun with ruler my so CNN get home you know I feel at tennis I am what I am cosby your you know who you where the just you kinda year probably much better that’s all you know you know you know owners developers are you see myself doing it bottom line is you powers are you have a lasso I world and yet jazz changes and videos another you alone at home hahaha can change in her I design when I was like we’re generally when you’re gonna have to say yes or no usually horrible service o’leary’s this is like weekend last year partly as Wednesday do a lot sizing and his armies strategies the malls as as I’m its features yeah yeah more more than hooking old old you year or you up from use then you know you the present time so this weekend I %uh the opportunities and times internationals yeah stuff I’m yesteryear wheeling I a the no the time United I this is a you are yasser more so we generally spend most of our time is solar the the the so you manage to know so you know risque fear were resume as Yahoo it’s doing been less fun stingy and is as old as you know we do users or just you know sonar muscles just look reasons the homes June moms and yours 50 his blood yes good I more than moslem the exit so their addresses there are no 11 new your moon universe funds his we must know Yahoo good well store I’ll he was a end I with her years of a I so yaa for doesn’t Yahoo hair really no with sale sonoran said and rested position I’ll always no the minimum actually I’m good thing about me head and wider he has a has been his own baths old heard and design small yeah I’m no yeah mornings no ever room you very well that way you know which you rewarded you and you know anything about it so that your you reasons mowing you know and line 11 line you know when I’m with his millions %uh you know this is everything looking for a ride up one wanted good well that is always our with whom with you know games time you know with you think that see the weather is good and and you good ones minimum as the you know will you know who leads the way with them line you create jobs and you know the red he said go %um I’m time it was lying this is the most there and there’s always more time my bizarre when I’m you mind and not mine this time Hernandez and so you can because I’m is a loser in the world I’m and his own healing resume now with the word this is long overdue homes good time Misano resume really didn’t love yeah you you know me and their with rune there and been only one world yeah very well him and I’m mmm girl as another rose good for on Wednesday one up I world’s is well you who having both go to the top homes the question I actually be usually don’t start at 10 a.m. with numerous de beers or your I don’t know me suggest monitored if there’s a red their you to you yeah you know so is usually job yeah so and spinster handling is fair you know this right and I didn’t mean reduced our releases my reasons their own is you know showed I s just yeah the percentages jed Real Madrid you try to know uses so here yeah you there goal really is just get online no unit weighs reuse fast for a while because didn’t always believed in the results are goal is the union’s do not yeah so and humid the middle name missus fast for 35 yes you know were vision you know you know winds are hmm there is yeah 25 yeah and University you had last air for two minutes you’re and and there’s the knowns I for business in the room %uh now also muslims up work problem right of you yd well as Yahoo point a high end result is we’re this far as hard to read is this the the designer socialism star anytime soon for now where do you study time just have to go through it everything is very proud of our friend year losers you love it he didn’t get where is better known as home believe me a lot gonna write first here deserve it final have fun is a star but you don’t have the star and you know how fiercely spot your Stevo the large lean politicking and ladies warehouses were here but also who movie are things I miss you wouldn’t have had some good it has been long as you don’t know engine happen that your own which you know just good patient to over arching his hand when he’s had you can you don’t know it was real world and for that it’s what you hear the new you for your call dollars in taxpayer I sell Jersey you love he had had juneau more pretty much you’re not anymore I’m problem you don’t have tax her into clear are and when you do your head and if you see an encore in Dubai hotels and shopping patients so person who under you know who the person is a national remember I’ll head home %uh or had star es Salaam and I didn’t always know with my mom said said on our last a yeah a so freeing yeah ions or I yeah review senators you don’t use it you’re going to be 100 star and her general and have so close I’m use the old in revenge is problem-free were I’m already know she had her she is you don’t see you can have my what happens she so we’ll see dude is the line one is his home for you to the last piece of us who doesn’t know her no it didn’t happen didn’t know yelling louis jordan beaver pretty doggone it really is I’m is Edward as a little harder for me you know you know in S no piece on just so you know you think that work and you can do what you do this job you know morals yeah absolutely not said all passing any of us really know it was freed you didn’t know it was there someone you create but his up remind yes when I first address an airline oh you little I hole-in-one I’m not a responsible are also in my house visa are awesome for dance lol and how it is used my listeners vista home you know her down and whatever was always optimistic and not good for you know is being palm Zealand so we will have my songs with her Nassau uses but as far as I know poverty just loves you were you know up number one star of Europe standoff Boyd ulcers purchase hold it and I remembered as a whole lot of muscle I personnel your master yeah farms that home so up grace’s are no up your young you know Rees Broome me that you know certainly didn’t work there was this moon resume and the the yeah the man’s I’m energy I’m for and I’m we do is we believe that be and witches and I’m with world Gautam and home and his arm resume resume 10 and the wounds and you must Sign loaded with you doing they’re not as you know I’m and yawns yes awesome with the world’s No looked both mom it with more your doom the no volume the monsoon yeah because it with although balloons we do it was you may know said with the race the opening said eurodisney is the name is eunice all yeah this is on and I’m he was not means a you never know I’m these 10 clearance sale them really well songs no and there is no so developing and will star this didn’t tell you know Jones said your the mud number you know right and be my my you know were I’m and then it’s time you know said them ago lead I prisoners have I with known as Lou you know we r yeah bands are reviews this this unit zemin’s be thing what you know the the Bloomberg News & Observer you never star time years should review people there manage the turnovers uses wraps arms your turn you know everybody I you with mine was ill you know said you know settlers part I said you know everybody’s always live tennis certain with him was the room films do you live in and love you got some I’m you know service along with my unity the that you know said you the movies yes you know what’s going on is the new numbers you dana is a here there you know so 31 and you’re right it wasn’t I’m really well I’m so and Jess the yeah he’s had with the US and I was handed you know and if the muslims you use this number and leave us you repulsed and a you know for yeah receive more you know arm he your G server there so do you want him and and one is a sure questioned you know your resume police or Crime verner muscle and sinew yet yep world for yeah year lease for and their yeltsin for this is how you want it for sale cylinder heroes home and helium so yeah looking for opportunities is an old leads she had as always for the you is the top are percentage whole he was there that’s fine the hardest part uses last summer leaving everything your diluted with all that here castano say you know said there is no so at home then I’ll Anaheim for the only 1i don’t know so home you have a lot of whom eso times and his head was covered under also hillard place mister United had also does have you know households up so long was it doesn’t all add obviously find people and I’ll is the only time we hold hands so you think there’s someone goes with most aren’t you that happen he had virtually no and I’ll and let him know how and where about 90 and I’m its loves you Arjun funny thing I yourself yet I’ll yeah I did when you who are not being murder password is rude the with your I’m you know it’s all songs you really easy yeah it’s cool when you are aware that his children and think the whole series and analyze yeah is use you the guys home and as a No the workers have %uh yeah absolutely want your own is going to be an army is you know yeah love said I’m so what we usually had numerous times yahoo.com yeah I’m Jasmine merle us %uh you wrong words no that is that this you know University murder the senate you tryna mucho because you know home verum group miners up home I’m well as it is my numerous a it coming and I’m only ones are lame I’m I with her and million I was the inside and resource a had I’ll world we really well I’m and small army your Mar garth Merlin I’m and mimosa my prosecutor run in Irvine you know a my going on with my room you know it was a yes harmless around that’s fine us ruling I’m good morning grease my that point when he’s lucky named Louis Rams on I’m our room Islam you hear in here no for an hour you know it where we were %uh you wanted no when I’m I of my although girl who had because I didn’t know or a small one but it was much lower than what do that the northern words I’m you know as I course in the mall I was very well you know was the world harlem the the the the the real Prinsloo yeah he were Blu Ray Lewis does know is that I’m by design %uh his rhythm so I’m so you know you know and yours is the only ones worried then only love along with both hands grabbed well I’m journalism on my I’ll what happens is moving on with Mr rational reasonable or you on that there was this at home reasons and so you’re going to love this yeah rhythm and I’m or read more doom and gloom forum and so the radio be try it one more time you with it we will have more you have yeah said room you want to write so we’re going to do it you know just do it somewhere in it well as you hold that alone does not mean and what is not you know case love those are the most room misnomer Valentine normally the world you know the waiting room with me and was on his mother’s arms his bird learn his hand was I doing really well he will go on nauseated and they didn’t know it was pleaded really do know yeahh than one well as the war just yeah what really where you’ll you’ll you will love you are home is much faster 01 in real life %uh solos I made my the room arms muttered I’m and I just made my and is normal and I’ll store I’m me though both so does not but had was yes said and yeah I’m strong the movement you did as a does awesome no use our thing her all over thinking about going on he says bush in with your lashes and learning worlders home worms for personality were less should your you’re going at the gym run and as the time I was what size they were running on her as services resume years I was also module we didn’t television you know on world home I’ll disposal season I was your Jeezy up to I’m something different on the scene is your you’re going to change primeval flossing I’m was the Harris Teeter I more hardship Annan’s generally no thing as always but he’s had yes stay problem whose message I’m on I’m your way down here is blessed with my whole world organism and worse so i think is hard decisions the film he lives in love with her anyone who has preferences known all over here and i’m looking ahead with our vision is really an hour as well as offering ever see you know it was fine and yours only know says home while most people this is always his you through the use of personal harbors a yeah decision made prisoners from a marvelous job related or go ole 500 John Lithgow carry on all that hard your were huge at home and all I saw that’s cool decision that pretty much disarmament used to every post you was good home game you know I hello you also marxism home with his doesn’t in all six homers so home i’m saying is that it was for home you know this no borrow because also has worsened yes where he has very good arrows I didn’t want you know that we all had outwardly and I don’t know and you were here was that it wasn’t liza go to and fro or I live well I’ll know the results you know here doesn’t sell rating you know Human Services for question no no so as he did not say are and your losses in there that whole 10 collisions fund good thing up with her for you guys you up following you you never know what barriers a Greece I I is I Israel sonar as the United and it’s really governments have been injured you know yeah a your room do not minimize hinge a it’s time to you no bruises earlier was and Renault on you our modifies the newsrooms from rooms this this you know Press and soon as a Pahlavi yasser I you know gone all Arnprior you there so many people that have Boulevard silly awesome you love you know from her you know that so you numbers I was wearing yet were marked and just missed you know order to move for three mos we’re all nuts %um Mizuno I or no mean trees lol nah you run you know you do know you know bus I so CO USA as fast as you pass yeah trims way you know the I should you go run maron you said that you know I’m sale on who is this goes on were also you know you know get are you who owns a on use while I’m photos is a those lands were you remarks yea lot I just 0 Yes No you will the Boeing you and their doing that no I wheeler you know yeah dollars I’m yeah SSR I mean is isn’t really wasn’t new they don’t need a lawyer as well as you engage with nations home %uh on it was funny i’ve seen Ronaldo’s soon with you just her ’em Yahoo we did for us you sonya is a when he’s a frostbite unit lost his job yeah you tryna more you know is the and that is then used just like a veteran shouldn’t have heard from me everyone there’s running or not me as good as any yeah so as loser Press race but only worsened many years you know run from her their mission for home your who does that yeah you know and yeah well as he was let you know you know that’s what we’re dealing with this problem where I’m I you know you know is when I you know he’s so they try to se lo and sometimes you know you know his months you know 10 overalls rose I’m as is is fine it was obviously with me you know this is early and doing today with no and good should for up green no you I just sold of both or rosborough growth were you that or all I’ll you are there go up up so yeah forget for up good of here friend up like that growing good you know John here him well as well yeah I’m is a it’s actually have learned all you know you with four or so salesman 1800 you know they didn’t know here is you these I’ll you you know you’re lying and I’m imply anything with his rod John yes because the women’s infamous religion so that in all and moans home your you know yeah millions room for Geno rhythm your reason but yeah I’m then we’re not know anymore yeah you know yeah I’m is that what you know bed a bear their room yeah I’m you want to remove something has not gone away the road is no use my you one for you good standard owns the mall there’s no way you know you won’t you %uh him is that I’ll they do yeah well that while and or is all alone see the past love yeah are on the issue John I’ll you yes he was with him with his years ago in series on although ballroom all I follow Hollywood horse this season and when other than wherever causes this a so for the year numerous Indian vast when love and I’m I and more %uh is good million with and you know as long as it doesn’t move then home the with him his name yeah early this lady things that yeah then you know Mar mean with a friend with the Huntsman and bar Wed the digital world is you loner I’m get through the sale that whenever you want Press worms room I’m and you and he had you know I’m poster said most viewed Houston’s dinners for yeah I’m 10 schools yes uses yeah yeah is really where is it people who love the sinner home a here an alternative solutions jobs and first so you never know and jonassaint jose luis sin yeah me years or older the said it was wrong song urges I school you know this is %uh this related do right fuels merv yes with you strong yeah good and the world’s No senator you have a hard time in the Muslim world the listener move the whole words I’d their homes and I’ll judge Bruno or you love me Ross I’ll the little the new ones but Europe a lot in the meantime bronze up isn’t as did year reunited inferno a little overdone these much minute that way and it is the home your home he’s then the 10 heroes a also with room when it does I’ll with on yes madam ross also with most bold good up you or he he’s or you ages where he’s parts for tonight sternly police aren’t early euros rarely sold deliveries is scared kidneys for with president uses both behind he is GE’s well you know it’s hard to lose and lose don’t think we’re 10 with no problem under the you gotta realize you probably do you wanna hang on let me have my home from in the matter in you’re gonna really miss her terribly while yellow and habitat loss and raise you know shoelders time when for opportunity in time ronstadt a lot of the engine at on the phone so PTA is challenging you know there’s where the HOS you will send you home you know whether you like it or not vision that sometimes miserable as ill 100,000 yes I W process 1 I’m images and you if you will have his findings president there is just one you lou has a lovely which house is yours you wouldn’t know as well phone you know I’m home yeah he’s is no on he is I’m is a general outline Doumit to YouTube problems we have his on his you human you know and your day said as anything in a row she has earned on your side there are worth or online love me Hazare’s 10 he was right this is not an issue Saturday as well I’ll and holding a network your choice file be much worse and I A you don’t know and I didn’t so all of a sudden they don’t let another you visit have an awesome she’s landed here his problem you know this is your last year a term for our whole judicial notice to you well as he won’t fall they should be more then no season at seven dollars in losses are and I’ll yeah oversee.net mine and hermès yeah I don’t know you know done a village should be going to be a few or Wed and spent his time in office hasn’t been a problem said I was released on the orange roses wanna hold your hand side you know you may not know this I lasted arms is you as well of you saw of its good to know he hasn’t lost increases usually one remembers and hurtful us my up years from 2000 you know haha I’m very loosely lives sewing at partnership and you know I love you which is as good as yours you know you going home only no chance %uh weird serious have been resolved good for Mr not compile much was or I know what you mean wanna it didn’t matter while it was very weird a girl pre-sold gore good who you delia you guys you have to worry and yes a in your us %uh you just you you himself there and you will Yahoo year units they’ll last yea a just a go-slow you revolves on yeah zones three lessons at you his when is the last 20 yet outside so you reserve we firms rather Mar Western I love who knows you know to the no a are yes yasser and your absolute certainty yeah this moon with three months you know years with my so is a shrewd right now I’m the next post yeah saloon don’t you know your news minute: said on federal for you need something else care yeah this the do you know means the I’m and yeah but you is there really a special unit who you raise you you know up yes you know it’s a mess gonna Ross no there’s a lot of us and you know means a lot jobs right here also where you know no where something with that what you know send while them you read I’m did mostly limbs my no you know everybody and the busiest in June is yeah unit right over anyway and it’s hard to believe really have have my endurance respond just a I’m huge Rhino heard everybody all on yeah much and his shoes and you know is we’ve all been there you know were for us also those guys but most use just let us know yeah yes jobs juicy his and huge so was news use it year thing thing up world I’m yet there is a and I’m yes you did jobs I’m a remind year the home that and wasn’t breathing you know with me ludlum’s your when I this his in all yeah you bad and is a demo 1 I’m you know all of us billion mom so you don’t want to know when you have something out we dizzying on but going to do is you see their abilities yeah and these on wall and you know this is is just really is bono and I will eventually yet we won’t be minimal I’ll my whom miss the good with the you you all yeah like he is i’ll it’s time you know past vision he just lead be satisfied bubu and over and your and also you know you’re behind you might as well try and united in their jobs and it has said fool who have unit is your limit anytime said I was looking for that office to the inlet I’m you didn’t add and that’s all it is almost at your dads happen the what is happening in places where they might hands yes and yes GE fun so and I’m Genesis use as usual when and has a you over for another national Hwy schism little room of you up cool his unit 1 is region last year busy Martin Reyes where so more alarms the I’m us the phone is a mood I you know anymore yeah you know all you know seeded on Thursday must over this is by no means yes you know room you know all this and Inalsa summit mo I’ll unit years illuminates everyone’s and as it were yes you and you raise than ever you know you want to get every move yeah every single yet you know 1 you know 10 he always is and I’m yeah and he is a red line radio so you know an awesome morning and let you know you know that Ross or over there no the more than anything last ru the you know his sure that you know using your phone’s her like you losing grilled you know weekends in a row you know is I’ll you’re out there this during this period time science said and losses series homes but what to do with that something you know go to your cell to yet poet site your and and weighs world so governor is really the whole world in the hell is that he’s looked inside and saw said minor when I saw or dolls it was well mission yeah to you have just the one thing you sell I’m here yeah I’m and so or gauntness a just good I was afraid that way Wednesday you know and we can go no I just fine well as I’m as believe the or the Ocelot stood home I’m miss the that’s the point and I’m allure luminous time %uh I just I and I’m for me this is in the weather whether the front we want to do whether years and wellhead the I yeah thing loves to is the lol and sing with my last name it was born and raised in tennessee that all set to resume you know it was in my love garner that all said and Europe rose as well as we were yeah good there was one I just you know well and yeah school this whole yeah I’m studies there were no you love I’m up the presence of Nova and lime %uh and resonance this this don’t yet go someone there and then a wounded yeah you know presently I’m by you know yeah the poor good going your good not as well %um so you little I’ll No hood I that I’m room and is is a is hollywood sure his you can really always you know he tell morning charles is a lot of people and wounding lose that law but not anymore your senator dole your I was your man whatever good yesterday Mustang proper angles and I’m most I 70 you always poll are many line what everybody is it’s only in the region this item it’s all over this roller skiing so he also has been the terminology from people on earth above writing speed is more hillsborough you know that she had fun unanimous for other words he saw it as important as you’re there and had time Tao Google+ that you had name how do you think mountains %uh you mean was his home here you know yeah us your comments and maybe not at all you know and and you’re remodeling and yes things are handed up use that you know you to sell over and had some you know all having on or Sarno for long John home the the thing about now is is going there has been a major volume you’re there and everything all images are we have Gaza normals and were way no I’ll or who up year waiting guy waiting he would on I here it’s very hard your situation and wanna you know a few minutes %uh is %uh me when you’re we’re going into this line some reason I don’t remember you’re not playing this line your your zuyev I’m and so on loss your spot you and then that this the right way you know find love finish is you’re really you know so many do on you need one their spa and you yet because you’re in control you you will honor that times ahead and somebody’s someone who had and then means a lot to do with my one with a is John earned good I’m you had but it is then you lose only when I’m I’m that so a job on you then rolled but even more so blue giant whore to get finish line then you heard from now on a roll in with your own their on star I so no years were in control sauce I she said unions I’m and so don’t lean the desert do it EARLY leaders on up gorham sale from starting on all around and 10 life you everything you at some questions about the making sure that you’re giving your cruise heads in the game and how you handle like the big bruise in saying when you going to action yeah I think everybody gonna do that not for them gold and no baby I is a new homes in with the mall merlots you his arm diseases sure that everybody knows what they’re going to do and use as much with his friend there is something recently my who I’m wrote about you forgo 0 and his whole thing was all I want from you guys was it was be and said just marks just you know I’m and you’re in the words of us of huge a too much time and and that that is for I’m so United services and much more prime rumors and and when you know I’m world news views viewers vos I’m no there are no you were gonna you issue right and the rather than 10 so I’m as a No just your ru love you too Vudu information needs a use those no Friday is your through my head as well first reno yeah slows as information yeah rules I’m be how we’re gonna fasulo where are you resource we’re I want to know you around us love home yeah vetting of you good bed a lol yeah I’ll you know that has the right you have to run it wasn’t his address is shown in Marblehead businesses holiday policy they’re all our own thing only does she or outside offers he wasn’t happy about his hernandez’s his career for Malaysia awesome believe so so at her place as he had already asked her plaid whatever are month ago I don’t miss our yeah the Islam with your diseases you know %uh do you have a while is trends trends are Northwest does following us result just over 3 35 I’ll stay here no 27 while say that but you know that so money patients on a saucer you very much also I’m all for you range his son euros from got stare I only worry her overspend some gazelle are also New Years Eve your business world I behind him on everyone’s mind is about half we don’t need no I don’t see this is how most challenging I distraction you know that a hospital not so much it has yours and also for is yours I’ll mean I’ll so is hard head ices you know as a I lol everywhere it all seems to have his friend are ahead your no year short-lived however yes but how do you know if starter Homer allowed present were right a for him is hard to say funny up and myself when he a I’ve known yeah go home show I so I’m right here I you know all the ball we should hurry loves have a higher room %uh and on the phone with him wall around many a loser and waiting a on an hour’s you’re working -110 when you know to let it doesn’t usually were morally are usually runs Paul no attenuation pretty time was not for so hard for the following that some shit more than you do when he I you know he says and yeah yet I cells are apparently the you know inside Helen I was wrong name is going over Brazil over I’m I so the jus no resume a years yeah the the series is in the mall I’m I I’m home up you up you know you know what you know silly love more I’m you believe next in line people have there may be those is you once the nation war the not he love fun houses no I want to be near you I’m or is very important realized both over resources yellows yea or you’d the reasons you might be having a little race the girl is even the most hardened there anymore not you on both you didn’t know because a donor only the ones because you love them you know you so for more in his room are you be yeah all Zillow is as yeah be mowing savings for the ones I’m I’m is more music with yeah because you loses flood it was always recent years the meantime you know love this or do right yeah lower her no where heard now yet there around jobs from home missus love the but I don’t know her husband your I room here so I know your your years before that on but for me really usual rules wanna journalism with her nephew’s I’ll yeah so shoelders hacer una with the earners as it was a years I’m no and you know I should the marine well would so the rules on I actually wouldn’t mind sometimes a you luciano in the rear is Muslim missus homes marks Weiner so many we lunar gerber’s side you do in life Hernan Munoz you know Russian you much and day said you know just the truth is figure out where you turn your and K were you know 11 so Am I music along also 10 ross perot use your just don’t know was homes I’ll so telephone sales crossed her mind also deserve no the wrong way the long run you know time revisited and that sees no were 10 yes a I was in a movie there is a her solo home run my 10 lead you know if you know yeah this %uh the this using red years it was addressed to you were yeah trustee using three how’s it going well I’m positive aren’t most in my view herman has ever said you see is you factor in my ears is jim has visions on her on its starting on parts alone down for his word and one way or the other hand has all the latest on your and my own when you are and vice versa parents vote for spam person lol and his vision thing tomorrow know what I’m feeling that well however much you know lifestyles star roger is being and I want you know I’m for and holy house are Sharma her sister is a everything from that he drew of General Elena and freedom of press as well your home there have a lot to do with it you wanna see my around nine on so I was there is no I don’t really have himself as a whole Hollywood Hermes star said okay is going for 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