Road To The Cup – Week 2

Road To The Cup – Week 2 Top 10 as of 6/5/22 Thursday’s Twilight was cancelled about midday due to a dreary forecast of cold, rain and fog.  RO David Graham expressed concern in a morning email, and frankly seemed unexcited to run a race for just one fleet in those conditions.  We polled several of the usual Twilight suspects, and only one was game to give it a

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Road To The Cup – Week 1

Road To The Cup – Week 1 Top 10 as of 5/29/22 There was no Twilight racing this week. PRO Dave Graham made the sensible decision to cancel after learning the CYC waterfront would close at 7:30 and therefore not be available for an emergency.  That early closure, by the way, would have made it tough for CYC Twilighters to get in without what forever will be known as ‘pulling a

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