Rhodes 19 Tuning Clinic

Kim Pandapas led a tuning seminar in June 2005.


(Useful? No.  Hilarious? Yes.  Brought to you by the power of YouTube!)

lol I I like that make heist yet hot third step ok no stuff is slightly off center one way or the other as to track of to power for skating 3 who’s that chick everything Wilson yesterday I and walkthrough like this around all day here do the exact same sect and yes if when you when you get fresh rather to get into the same point of different good just I track but use a vein hired offering high pressure probably from so obviously if you from Burger Bar from alright ends up being a little bit lower for a little bit fire Center that yeah obviously the Africa just of or like smart process back well starkman got settlement them well this of powerful I of about how car of front home that’s when can I lose cases several was not yet that the little one okay and I never you other photos are never having I was nor this money I certainly possible always pretty fast had 4829 of no I group of good solid group that 28-29 I just hope it’s the right you effects of both yes I just right of our Spring with before I got to read and physical slow so you go 5 work Park of over all the way I mean this is a set it and forget it every day for no reason a check correcting an extra fact of use cases jacket yeah this is something that’s just for my records rose stuff does yes also by the way of course went on a trip of so also wanna to fun card or whatever gonna of the Lord best I’m on my way out of the race for and you caution hours ago hold on one side like this side of the creek my approach anything up to 15 knots how to play sad sprite sack total and I got called just just like both I if it’s if it’s straight perfectly straight it’s a little less power for if more stacked of for more power so all the way myself growth like way is that you overpower so work its three at side effect of that the powers so every day ago I I just know these things ahead stay armed you and and how well you how how how are your sales I about each other this is how much that you have headset that’s how much I have in my that might be able to find some folks of yeah I think I think it depends on car how much weight you sale you know it more said we have more are you gonna get of yeah worldwide so a trade-off is it harder to the better for it yeah give a really tight uniform like a banshee goal Real Talk slow you have a real loser gonna be going really fast about 40 degrees of so because of the threat of you and your biggest hosted yasir by the way for me no what you try to get to a point where wonderfully close call anything good because it’s so fantastic went up with just the right specs mess and just so you guys know I set this I set this of testing five or six years and i can text experiment one any other if I have found think for and I’m and I’ve got another one just like it you for K got a written down for you yeah but when the things you can do with you our just like you know uses will be closed twenty you can’t come in take public trans shortens now they keep on must powered up here of up back back right that’s I guess that’s life me when it when you take the power doubt and you type back I last thing you want to do is get off yeah yeah yessir can you tell me how it is you have that bag skate rigged ended death there what is the process there here here hope of then basically I’m cock here Loughner’s much a pox needed fall this here yes you with so it’s I what server powered you don’t have much power you just have a two-for-one power lifeline for work little just under okay it’s okay and it’s the same I need to sign up the phone yeah afterward I feel free to call around tech okay my age it’s stated you yeah yeah the fact that think here to I have to thank you your his of these days with her back and their toward face here’s will post yeah I’ll X if I was just gonna say just another data point pretty much consistent work instead I got about 25 on the effort for Mac way despite I you for ever more weights I was never just the well-respected thank you him once get up close all attack get a little bit a SAG left really starts long then of 3 as bad of the Holy re with back facing I have mine not the way you know refback question around so yes of of filmmakers that having cock Rick west of of well all the jokes to freedom happened 50 out yeah I my first you of possible fish here’s why how so half with no so siobhan favors for 25 every day I think I have a different feeling about of around here you know what it is huge outweighs of hi just again cause worldwide happy having with okay after you know it so good I how much weight alright way and where you I right close where spinning ways okay got services talking about awake I’m gonna go through all the officers office yeah can’t afford and you want your way called I’ll so people with %ah up the way we say face Hispanic norcross very light here i cant right sorry my dear like this here just for and driving like this and when 20 cancelled effect walking appears cynicism of here as you’ll see if they’re intrinsic here fine with no fear possible you 30 back here and then obviously we go on a hike always and by the way all those different positions happen same up with a headache you know it’s every time you feel yourself meeting in Jeff godown and we get like it going when they paid notice: that fits your needs they start to move up in this disappoint you with the boat feels right quickly if you would like to view here you’re not comfortable we begin United so the boat right about you my dear he’ll obviously sales full gets fire I think so water and you have to have the right size stick to beat your wife with together to do this what size is that excuse me if not OK if he’s got a web like I i’m first to concede that I am i’m looking I’m world this is a housewife this is our date %ah that’s why we still do it you know we have to get babysitters Parsons know what I mean we first or as we like that aphorism race you were trying to fill shoot up surrounding and and she would have to try to fill it I gotta help of hold on from the guy and her face was here the wallpaper hitter noses ok I’ll make you some what’s coming up I got life product here look at me 100 you doing racing I so the main of four-fold higher I how you just probably way more than I I back you can of okay I like yeah back that wrong much of at Blackhawks 12 pack hi thats says top No say like of right I C of pop you I’ll call our own fault I they work really well for main engine power like that I learned the hard way for the few all your stuff coming of tension on pension and it was enough and last week same of you know randomly no know you I obvious day this is so internal outcall it’s been out for a while is what it is the does yeah snow across from guy Utah rights having for terms how are you yeah I haven’t backed out only occurred I never liked my house obviously here points for how to get both shell that up this is my thang 5 around down there up it’s a 16 21 want cat wedged I thereafter you can anymore back I use the bank when all I know I’m like thank you to get a guest vital make process but but we have just enough you right now it’s just that has of of pressure what happened with of agreed and you know what that you with that after the basically straight up so know that’s constantly of we have this little device just basically yeah Cunningham this this little I’m goes through it for I a with us I travelers class I think I Trafford have from I I I have a bank play notice accent she for Christmas Justin your good traveled so way I track our of about now decrease this hovercraft that file oldest its hard yes sir have practice I think think it’s a big thing for you right yeah I attack me faster you might notice new yesterday you stay on with new side do everything set during in later yeah yeah you you want to vote for a movie before you start jostling around him so we tracked people stayed at work and so the boats kinda being in the right direction Star Wars with their about ok has usually about 15 seconds after swanee finally and all the way back yet I match at about six traffic all the way up first thing I do is drop driver backed out about and then I saw a separate today whose it back into old are with respect to I rated I’m letting the heat up 63 just enough to like this please yeah you if yeah I’m using security people that they probably wanna pick it up you’re cute as you use the word track paint set go fast or point wherever you finish last last as far as you want your tramped and breaker up when soon yeah I see so many guys me with your six-inch is of and I just don’t understand how standpoint you know I’m always right of center I maybe just a pop effect that’s not where you start fact that we’re here that’s where you want felt job with applied all I okay right one fashion now thing I’m or yeah no of it you final I guys rivals that of yeah crack of right track anti kinda like any questions on the main or yeah given partnership I got the job right up the road right now but see a cluster just a shack one other how your cups of above to act when it gets laid out the fear yes to higher tariff of this is the chevy on the left inspector right of 3 there’s reasons right you there are ways you’re turning from right to left you want of as far as possible this issue and so you know of have for shoot over there you know what the how you over there too unlikely wake me up of then I tracks I time Fox fight soon after all these just are below quick access yes it but swing on each side of as a Katrina don’t call track good whatever the how your mom how it goes through a fine team set a box well and the finance minister blended one coming here what happened here the reason that they’re here is as opposed to just having 10 so the convicts your city I got or even said here we can get to a computer fly without moving your way one where mom yessir every readout do you use for that camp I’m sorry the fine kill whatsoever readout you use how do you know how to find what gauge to you bring just a little love for the gypped yahoo.com what you do for depression i think is a good friend trip chip how your for the point where you’ve got like to know kind of a song where you want it fax column K some people think that I recall some people think that your go rickles I happen to think it’s your the harbour myself you folks out there just have massive rebel its owners so massacring I just good but you know the fast I say yes we have therefore but you get and very just fighter work but so you get it baseline and then has your starter registered to speed up and he’s in the point you can take up on your you’re just fine nude and and what it does said kinda fast the sale out which is more important obviously their conditions for that doesn’t work you know if it’s really not be that it doesn’t pay to park happened for easy to find really all about da whitewater likely catch us heavy rain doesn’t really doesn’t really more than 80 I of Dec of yes sir the you look at if you look at the you’ll see going on there is a yeah there was a nor through K when the masses in the booty paperback this tactic I sure there are I think it’s probably scare and I think josette you and that’s not easy to find by have any DRO the arc I get all that stuff and then I threw out the first ball work said brought throw the first hole instead of giving up her 45 degrees I simply can’t right stem that’s good the whole thing and you know this is a long track just probably be this long I real hero movie way back but you know good hides the settings are here and here yes facing out info doesn’t really you know because the pics yeah there the exact water both had found its way it’s gone living there all year long they never saw it that with respect to the state’s com factors that something to pay attention to him if you set your clocks outside call the plaintiff up here track know what happens this is gonna you’re standing in line outside essentially you open up same so act right I it wasn’t my intention right places you’re going to get a good years fix what about but its end up working out pretty well of you know I as the gifted if I were headed you ever get that probably work with the flock here so that would actually move just here to hear forever and funny 59 awesome of I’m not in any way these arrested locks upon the angle be speeches sign so that you could be hiked out fire line on the good on AIM ships practicum overcome that have the idea here is that know what get your heart here week so is this 500 now room mom the other thing mind when this that’s one the other months activator is you play chess good week yes think the fight fact tired passport by the way I don’t think I’ve got us going down wit might see people you so everywhere going everywhere with you which you go to the master forward yep cracker I’m yet gotta stables popular what it was you fixed