Greeting from the Prez – October 2008

Awards Party.

Don’t forget our annual Fleet Awards party hosted by Bill and Renee Heffernan this Saturday Nov. 1 starting at 6:00pm. If you haven’t done so already please RSVP to Social Chair Bob Meyer at or call at 781-648-4427. The Heffernan’s address is 1 Tubwreck Rd, Dover, MA. For those of us without a GPS here are directions from Renee.

Boats Needed

Next summer the US Junior Championships are being sailed in Marblehead, August 9-13. This is a real coup for the town. Pleon is running the event along with the three major clubs. It is the overall Championship for single (Smythe Trophy), double (Bemis Trophy), and triple-handed (Sears Cup), and all the juniors (under age 18), will qualify through a series of ladder events in their respective regions. The singles and doubles are sailed in Lasers and 420s. The three-person boat has yet to be decided, which provides a tremendous opportunity for our fleet to gain visibility for the Rhodes 19. Last year the event was hosted in Chicago and Lightnings were used for the three-person boat. The Rhodes matches nicely with those parameters. In order to have the Rhodes considered as a potential choice 13 of us need to be willing to loan our boats for use during the regatta. This shouldn’t be a high hurdle considering the visibility it will provide the local fleet and class. Fleet members Christina Pandapas and Charlie Pendleton are on the organizing committee. Please contact them for more information and to let them know you will consider loaning your boat for the event.

Winter Boat Storage

If you are still looking for space to store your Rhodes or other similar sized boat look no further. There is still space available at the Marblehead Boating Center. In addition to the summer dry sailing capability this is a great asset for local sailors. If interested contact Doug Trees at

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