Measurer’s Spot – He Who Hesitates is Lost

by Jerry Blouin

Are you an ant or a grasshopper? The ant had his boat measured at Parker’s. Oh, there were problems, but they were fixed in plenty of time for Nationals. His friend the grasshopper, on the other hand, frittered his time away until August was fast upon him. On the night before Nationals, while the ant and his friends drank beer, swapped sailing stories and caroused, the grasshopper worked into the wee hours, covered in dust, sanding away on his keel and muttering obscenities.

Screwing in a light bulb Doug and Chris, Mike L., Steve U., Kim and Christina, Charley and Jim, maybe Dave and Jeff, the Pres., and I (me, that is) have a measured mast. Everybody else has to have his or her mast measured. There are two ways to do this. One is to put your mast up, take your mast down, get measured and then put your mast back up again. The other is to get your mast measured before stepping it for the season.

Rockport no safe harbor If you’re relying on having been measured at Rockport, fuggetaboutit. The record keeping was indecipherable to nonexistent. A list of people with major gaps in measurement because of this is on file with the fleet.

Word from the Governor The death sentence for the Tack Tick compass has been commuted, at least for now. All you have to do is, 1) epoxy the mode button so it can never be used, 2) show me you did that, and 3) use it. These three things need to be done in the exact order listed. The last day for early measurement is May 8th. Sign up today!

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