Short Tacks – May 2010

Condolences It is with sadness that we report the passing of Susan Lakin in January. Susan was loving wife of Bob Lakin, who has coowned 1392 with Bruce Bolen since 1976. Over the years, Bob, Bruce and various others raced Quadrue in countless regattas, with several noteworthy successes, including two Race Week wins. Susan was always there with her loving support (and great cookies). According to Sue, the team never had a bad race. We offer our heart-felt sympathy to Bob and his family.

Trivia Alert Attentive readers were quick to point out several problems with last month’s trivia answers. There were mistakes in our answers to questions 2 and 3, both related to boat 722 – McLovin, which is skillfully campaigned by the Shoreman-Reynolds team. The answer to question 2 about the number of husband-wife teams who raced in 2009 included Lisa & Dave Reynolds, but failed to include Lynn Mangiaracina & Jeff Shoreman (they are married too) who also raced the boat together. Last year was Lynn’s first year sailing, and she is already double handing with Jeff. So apologies to the extended 722 team for that oversight. (Keep an eye out for future trivia questions about the most husband wife teams sailing any one boat.) The other 722 mistake was in our answer to question 3, which asked about the oldest boats in our fleet, and which failed to include 722. How could we have missed that? Apologies again! But the answer that generated the most email was our regrettable omission of Rene & Bill Heffernan in the answer to question 2. What were we thinking? Not only are they one of the longest standing husband-wife teams in our fleet, but they are arguably one of the best. There is no doubt they will exact their pound of flesh on the racecourse from another particular husband-wife team for this unforgivable oversight. Red No More! And while we’re on the subject of team Heffernan, we have it on good authority that they repainted Sweep from its distinctive and beautiful red to boring old white. That’s the passing of an era as far as we’re concerned. It just won’t be the same (not) seeing Sweep poking out up at the pin, which was probably the idea. No doubt they’re going to be harder to keep track of on the race course, which is bad news for the rest of us. The easiest way to find them will probably be just to look ahead.

Race Week Information Just in case Steve Uhl didn’t have enough to do, serving both as Fleet Secretary and co-regatta chair for Nationals, he also has taken on the role of fleet rep for NOOD. Thanks Steve. So if you have any questions about race week registration or logistics, please direct them to Steve at

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