Welcome to Fleet 5 – June 2010

Fleet 5 extends an enthusiastic welcome back to Pat & Peter Beckett, who return this month from London. Peter, who is a long-time partner with Kent Hallowell on their boat Interlude, has been on temporary assignment across the pond for three years. He rejoins Kent this season, and plans to sail everything, including nationals. Welcome back Pat and Peter. Welcome also to Rich Tickner, who has signed on to crew this season with newly-returned Rick Saunders. We don’t know how these two found each other, but rumor has it Shan McAdoo played a part. Thanks Shan.

Welcome to Steve Burr, who has signed on to crew with Nick Cann this season. Steve has been diligently preparing for the season by taking advantage of the various resources available on the Fleet 5 web site. He’s serious – better watch out for these guys! Steve also is considering buying his own boat, so let’s make a point of putting on the full-court press whenever we happen to see him.

Welcome also to Martha & David Martini, and want to charter a Rhodes this summer for occasional use, but probably not racing. If you don’t know them, you can find them at the top of the Town Class standings – there is very little in that class they haven’t won. They plan to take this year off from racing but hope to be back next year, hopefully in the Rhodes fleet. They have their eye on a Rhode Island boat that will be available next spring, but for now, they just want just like to get a little experience in the boat during their off-season. See Notice Board for contact details.

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