Greetin from the Prez – August 2010

Wow! What a (race) week, and in fact, what a month. When Race Week ended, I needed to limp back into work just to get a little rest. As usual, we were the largest class of the regatta, by far, and we should all be proud of that. I’m not surprised, though perhaps a little disappointed, by the characteristically squirrely RW conditions, especially after so many weeks of honking sea breeze through June and early July (which of course recommenced first thing Monday morning). But hey, who doesn’t associate Race Week with fog? In my 14-15 Race Weeks, the one certainty has always been that conditions will be different that week from what we get the rest of the summer. It’s just astonishing that it always seems to work out that way, but I digress.

Many thanks to Jenifer & Steve Uhl for opening their beautiful harbor-side home to us. The weather accommodated and it was a perfect night – tranquil, serene and welcoming – the much needed contrast to six hours of a 20-knot, butt-kicking westerly. Huge congratulations to our 2010 Race Week champs Charlie Pendleton and Jim Raisides. It all came down to the last race, but they held on to take home the coveted spittoon for the second straight year. And in case you hadn’t heard, Charlie was additionally honored by being awarded the Leonard M. Fowle trophy, an EYC perpetual trophy (usually locked behind glass in the EYC trophy room) and one of the three big prizes of Race Week. Often called the giveback trophy, it was awarded to Charlie, not just for winning his class, but also for his hard work overhauling the MRA web site. Winning the Fowle is a tremendous achievement by one of our own. Well done.

Of course, no Race Week recap would be complete without a few of my other personalized and highly subjective observations. So in no particular order, how about that David Rose! Mark Rubin enlisted young Collin Santangelo, who if you’ll excuse the vernacular, drove his butt off, earning them a 5th in the regatta. And that, despite pulling off in the first race one of the more spectacular death rolls I’ve seen in a long time. Or, how about Rick Saunders, who sailed day 2 by himself – and beat quite a few boats thank you very much. Ben Richardson might have won the whole enchilada had he not broken down the first day. What a great sailor! And what’s up with those Etchells and IODs blasting down through our course on day 3 and robbing Team Kaznoski of its bullet? Can’t wait for the next time one of them asks Pete to play through at the CYC crane. Consider this – not one boat finished with only single digits this year – talk about a tough fleet. Tarin Comer had the best Race Week of any first-year skipper in my memory. She is a very good sailor – watch out for her. Steve Uhl needs to get his priorities straight – really, working during Race Week?! Welcome back Hutch. When did Nat Taylor get so big? Would you have wanted to be PRO in those conditions? How do the Feltons always go so fast? And a huge tip of the hat to Bill & Renee Heffernan for slogging in out by themselves in the big air on day 1. They couldn’t have weighed more 275 pounds between them, but they went out and sailed it. How great is that?

So, now onto the big one – Nationals. Last I heard, we were on track to hit our goal of 40 boats. 40 boats! When was the last time you tried to get a good start with 40 boats on the line? Ladies and gentleman, start your engines, the main event is about to begin.

One other note before I sign off. It has come to my attention that a few folks continue to procrastinate bringing their boats into compliance after having been measured. Just a friendly reminder that we are all obligated to sail compliant boats 100% of the time, not just in Nationals. So get the lead out and put your lead in!!

See you on the water.

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