Friday Evening Racing with Greg Wilkinson

Friday Evening Racing with Greg Wilkinson

Quick, wrap things up at the office and head to Marblehead for Friday Evening Racing!

Races start at 6pm; 3 boats required for a start.

Sailing Instruction Summary (unofficial!):

  • 3-minute dinghy starts
  • Class flag is end of start line and indicates who starts next
  • Courses are windward/leeward with offset and gate. The gate will be to windward of start line
  • Course announced on VHF 72 by number – 3=3 legs (windward/leeward/windward); 4=4 legs
  • If RC flies a green flag during your sequence, go to the green windward mark – otherwise, orange marks
  • Finish line is between RC boat and green tetrahedron

Official (almost too fancy for these races!) Sailing Instructions can be found here. Be sure to follow SI 13.