Friday Evening Racing with Greg Wilkinson

Quick, wrap things up at the office and head to Marblehead for Friday Evening Racing!

Races start at 6pm; 3 boats required for a start.

Sailing Instruction Summary (unofficial!):

  • 3-minute dinghy starts
  • Class flag is end of start line and indicates who starts next
  • Courses are windward/leeward with offset and gate. The gate will be to windward of start line
  • Course announced on VHF 72 by number – 3=3 legs (windward/leeward/windward); 4=4 legs
  • If RC flies a green flag during your sequence, go to the green windward mark – otherwise, orange marks
  • Finish line is between RC boat and green tetrahedron

Official (almost too fancy for these races!) Sailing Instructions can be found here. Be sure to follow SI 13.

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