Road To The Cup – Week 14

Five boats made it out for the final Twilight of our short season on Thursday night, and providing a synopsis, as he has all season (and for years) is our man on the scene, John Casler.


“The wind was out of the Southwest at 7-9, with gusts significantly higher.  The course was out to the Childrens Island nun (“20”), then north to the Chappell Ledge green flasher 3 (“23”), then back in, twice around.  (Chappell Ledge is about halfway between Childrens Island and Coney Ledge and east of Kettlebottom.)  All five boats were essentially overlapped at the nun, with Walter & Mathew Colsman, 2571, rounding slightly in the lead.  All reached the flasher still essentially overlapped, with, I think, the Colsmans and Steve Uhl rounding in the lead.  Within a few boat lengths, four boats tacked onto starboard heading southerly, while Connie Blake and I continued on port carrying close in to Peaches Point.  When we re-converged with the other four, we had a significant lead.  We just covered for the rest of the beat in and the second time around, which was shortened to the mid-channel can (“21”) due to the gathering gloom of the impending twilight.  The finish order was 1775 (John Casler & Connie Blake), 2585 (Steve Uhl), 2571 (Team Colsman), 1398 (Ann Sousa) and 1466 (Team Martini).”  So congratulations to John & Connie for their bullet and to all who made it out for the finale.


With that, we close out out Twilight Series 2 and the Twilight season.  But before we get to the results, we need to correct an error from last week when we erroneously reported that Ann Sousa finished 2nd and Team Colsman took 3rd.  We were alerted to the mistake my Martha Martini who wrote in, “I’m pretty sure that Walter finished second in Thursday’s race and Ann third.”  Well as you’d expect, that set off alarm bells and prompted an all-hands-on-deck.  We launched a full investigation involving depositions and searches for missing finish sheets.  We finally got to the bottom of it and found that Martha was right and Team Colsman in fact finished 2nd and Team Martini took 3rd.  So crisis averted.  We alerted the scorer who immediately corrected the error, and she reports that all series and cup results have been duly updated.


So for Twilight Series 2, we got in five races that were attended at various levels of involvement by six boats.  Only one team, by the way, and I think you know who, made all five of them.  That’s right, congratulations to Team Casler for also winning the attendance prize.  Taking 1st for the series with 8 points (after throw-out) was Team Martini.  Well done.  Finishing 2nd just one point back with 9 points was Team Casler.  And finishing 3rd with 10 points was Walter Colsman.  Honorable mention goes to Ann Sousa in 4th with 11 points, with a shout-out to Steve Uhl and Rob Ferro for getting in one race each.


For the Twilight overalls, congratulations to Team Martini, who took 1st with 15 total points, earning them beer can bragging rights as well as the coveted Charlie Barr Trophy.  Congratulations and well done.  Taking 2nd overall just one point back with 16 points was Walter Colsman, and finishing 3rd with 18 points was John Casler.  Honorable mentions go to Steve Uhl in 4th with 20 points and Ann Sousa in 5th with 25.  Congratulations to all.


As you know there was no MRA racing this week.


In Cup competition, we added in the Thursday night Twilight points but as you’d expect, there were no position changes.  The top-10 are listed below.




Pendleton / Raisides




Frisch / Hourihan




Larry Ehrhardt




Team Pandapas




Team Lane / Heffernan




Dave Nelson




Team Fava / Nash




Team Taylor




Steve Uhl




Team Cormier / Dalton



Week 15 racing will include the two days of the the Labor Day Regatta on Saturday and Sunday, which constitutes MRA Series 4, the MRA finale.



Labor Day Party – The Labor Day party will be held at the home of Vonda & Jim Raisides on Saturday September 3rd after sailing.  The party will be potluck and include the fleet bar with thanks to Elise & Mike Nash.  You should have received an e-invite.  Please be sure to RSVP so Elise can provision appropriately.


Mail Bag

Aside from an avalanche of emails about Twilight scores, there wasn’t a ton of mail this week.


In response to our piece on Joe Duplin, Dave Rubin shared this link to an article about Joe that appeared in the Globe.  “Kim: Following-up on your news of Joe Duplin’s passing, I thought you might want to share his obituary with the fleet.  The Globe reporter, Marvin Pave, is a good friend of mine.”


We heard from Steve Uhl, who sent in the pics below and writes, “Happening past CYC today and stumbled on fleet 5er Walter Colsman.  Won the CYC club tennis championship!  Who knew he was a dual threat?  One pic includes dad local legend Eckart Colsman.”  Congratulations Walter.






We were copied on an email from Amar Patel of the Savanah fleet commenting on Nationals.  He writes, “Looking forward to EYC hosting Nationals next year and competing again.  Also, it occurred to me that I had not sent the weather video from Friday morning – see attached.”  We tried attaching Amar’s clip to this RTTC but it was too big.


Also on Nationals, Shannon Lane forwarded this photo taken by Manchester’s Charlie Thomas, who snapped a few shots of 982 at Nationals in Chicago during the calm after the storm.  Here we were heading back out to the race course for the final race.  The picture features Shannon in the foreground, which of course is appropriate and as it should be.




Finally on Nationals, several alert readers pointed out that we never put up a shot of the 2016 champs.  So here are two for you.





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