Road To The Cup – Week 3


Road To The Cup – Week 3

Top-10 as of 6/11/17

Conditions on Thursday for the Twilight Series were definitely a step up from the storminess earlier in the week.  This from John Casler, who unfortunately was forced to sit this one out in the booth after finding a busted lower when he got out to his boat.  

Southeast wind had dwindled from 19 at the dock house gauge to 10, but still gusts and big swells outside.  The course posted was 28 (Williams Rock), then to 19, twice around.  The RC observed the Martinis and Heffernans round the wrong side of Williams Rock nun and then around 19.  They shortened the race and did not award a finish.  Bill & Renee crossed the line first but, again, no race.”  

Hmm.  I wonder how to score that.  I guess we’ll go with 2 DNFs, and advise everyone to read their SIs more carefully.  It should go without saying that we’re delighted to see Team Heffernan out on Thursday nights.  

Out on the MRA line, 14 teams came to play, which is the largest turnout so far, though five of them blew off the last race – one due to a breakdown and not sure about the other four.  Folks making their season debut included Bill Heffernan sailing with Yati Harsono, Matt Hooks sailing with Hanna Lynn, Beanie Eisner sailing with Bill Rothwell, Ann Souza with crew Jocelyn Cook, Debbie & Chris Noble and Tomas Hornos – not sure who he was with.  Tomas has his sights set on joining us for nationals so expects to be a semi-regular this season.  On this day, new Fleet member Jim Ouelette was kind enough to lend him Team Pendleton / Raisides old boat, which proved a pretty potent combination.  Welcome to all.

The Chamber of Commerce dialed up a perfect, sunny summer day – at least until it clouded up late.  We sailed out to the course in a light developing southeasterly that was in the 10-12 range during pre-race and built to 13-15 with occasional impressive puffs later in the day.  By the 3rd race, we had a building sea state that rewarded good driving and encouraged you to keep the jib filled.  The RC positioned us about a quarter mile east of Satan Rock, and sent us on a course of 155, which if I recall correctly, held for all three races.  PRO Rick Hamill did a great job overall and minimized down time by turning us around quickly.

Racing was tight, though that shouldn’t surprise anyone as there weren’t a lot of holes in the day’s line-up.  Starts were contested, crossings were close and mark roundings were crowded, and the day’s scores reflect that.  Congratulations to Team Frisch / Hourihan, who won the day with a line of 1-4-2 for 7 points.  They sailed flat and fast and were very much on their game.  Taking 2nd just one point back was Tomas Hornos, who rolled a 5-2-1 for 8 points.  The bullet, while not a full-on horizon job, was a pretty comfortable lead.  And finishing 3rd, one point behind him was Dave Nelson, with a beautifully consistent line of 2-3-4 for 9 points.  Honorable mentions go to Team Pandapas in 4th with a 4-6-3 for 13 points, and Team Cooke / Kasnozski, just one point behind them with a line of 6-1-7 for 14 points.  Congratulations to all.

So, in Cup competition, Team Lane / Heffernan hang on to a thin lead, just one point in front of Team Frisch / Hourihan.  New to the top 10 are Jim Ouelette, who jumped into 9th on the strength of Tomas Hornos’ outstanding day sailing his boat, and Team Rothwell / Thornton.  The top-10 are listed below.



Team Lane / Heffernan




Frisch / Hourihan




Larry Ehrhardt




Team Pandapas




Team Felton




Cooke / Kaznoski




Dave Nelson




Steve Uhl




Jim Ouelette




Rothwell / Thornton


Week 4 racing will include the Twilight race on Thursday night and the 2-3 races of MRA Series 1, Day 3 this Saturday.


Nationals Committee Looking for Charter Boats  Nationals Co-chair Matt Hooks reports that they have a number of sailors from across the country excited about coming to Marblehead for Nationals, but they need charter boats to make that happen.  If you’re not sailing, please help the regatta committee by making your boat available for charter.  Email Matt at  

Nationals Committee Looking for Hosts  The Nationals Committee is also looking for fleet members who can open their homes to fellow Rhodes 19 sailors from out-of-town.  It’s a great opportunity to welcome old friends and make new ones.  If you are interested in hosting, please contact Yati Harsono at  Currently, teams from Savannah, Buffalo NY, Chicago and Maine are looking for housing, and there will be more.

Upcoming Measurements  The Fleet is planning three additional measurement days.  They will be on Sunday July 9, Sunday August 13 and Tuesday August 15, which is the week of Nationals.  Measurer Peter Sorlien will start at 9AM each day and measure as many boats as he can, assuming 90 minutes per boat.  If he has help, he’ll be able to measure more.  Contact Peter at / 781-631-5956 to reserve your spot.  

NOOD Registration  NOOD registration is open here.  MRA registered boats don’t have to pay but do have to register.  

Race Week Party  Circle your calendars.  The RW party will be on July 27th at the home of Jennifer & Steve Uhl.  Elise Nash will supply the bar.

Looking for Used MastMike Gahan of the Cottage Park Fleet is looking for a used mast.  If you have one to sell, you can contact him at

Boats For Sale – There are still several excellent boat on the market.  For info, either see the May Newsletter or email the fleet captain at  

Sails for Sale  Susan Kontos has 3 main / jib sets and 2 spinnakers for sale.  Contact Susan at  

Looking for Used Sails  Jack Peak of the Provincetown Yacht Club is interested in buying used sails.  Contact him at  

Sail DonationsToby Rodes wrote in on behalf of the Kollegewidgwok YC in Blue Hill Maine. They have a thriving junior sailing program, which several years ago got two Rhodes 19s so is looking for sails.   Contact Toby at  

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