Fleet 5 – note from the President!

Okay, Fleet 5, listen up! 
I know the conventional wisdom is that no one reads beyond the first three sentences of an e-mail, but this one is important, so suck it up!
To lead off, Wendy and Peter Frisch have generously offered to host our fall Awards Party on November 10 at #20 Mostyn Street in Swampscott, near Preston Beach.  In order NOT to be like Bill Rothwell and Walter Colsman, who both failed to come to last year’s gala and so didn’t pick up their Rookie of the Year and Hallawell Family awards, everyone needs to be sure to show up this year.  You never know what swag you might be due!
As most of you know, some of our awards come directly from cumulative scores in our various race series, including our Road to the Cup Holy Grail, but some of the important ones are discretionary, and two depend on nominations from fleet members:
    Richie Santos Outstanding Crew Award – Named in memory of John Burke’s crew, Richie Santos. This trophy is awarded each season to that individual who most distinguishes him or herself in a crew capacity. Candidates should be nominated by a skipper registered in the fleet, and nominations should be sent the fleet president. Final selection is at the discretion of the president, and can be judged on the basis of long-term contribution, overall performance during a single season or regatta, or even on a single compelling or outstanding event.  (Last year:  Renee Hefernon)
Skippers, here is your chance to recognize those who toil selflessly in the front of your boat, while you hog the limelight in the back. My own take on the Santos is that it does not have to be for consummate skill trimming sails, or deft moves with the pole, or sage tactical advice.  It can also be for showing up reliably, being enthusiastic, helping to fix stuff, and/or biting their tongue when you have blown another race with a crushingly dumb move.  Come on, skippers, man up, a nomination is a great way to recognize those who deserve it.  We will need to have them in the next two weeks or so.
   Hacker’s Award – Our newest and perhaps most most hotly contested yearly honor, awarded to a Fleet 5 member for their especially noteworthy blundering or malfeasance during the 2018 season, on or off the race course.  Last year, David Reynolds threw his boat partner and erstwhile friend Jeff Shoreman under the bus for a certain tiller/backstay rigging error that led to some amusing chaos, but no serious damage, other than to their relationship.  There is an especially elegant custom crafted perpetual trophy that goes to the winner, along with a similarly elegant keeper built from the Fleet 5 Lumber Inventory, generously donated by Alex and Conway Felton.  This honor is bestowed during the awards gala via readings take from a ‘hackometer’ stolen from Pleon, so at the party we need to have fleet members nominations in  the form of dirt to dish on their friends, so we can all vote for who among us most deserves the humiliation.
The balance of our annual discretionary awards follow: (These awards are finally decided by your Prez and Fleet 5 leadership team, but suggestions from members are welcome and will be considered.
    Hallawell Family Trophy – “The Family Trophy,” donated by the Hallawell family, is awarded at year end and celebrates the Hallawell’s years of active participation in the fleet.  Hallawell family used to choose winner, but as they are no longer active, it falls to the Fleet Captain (with input from the leadership group if desired).  (Last year:  Colsman Family)
     Rookie of the Year – Awarded each year to that first-year skipper with the most impressive showing, typically based on overall scores.  However, this trophy also has been awarded to late-comers on the basis of an outstanding showing in the Fall Series.  Sometimes this is a tough call with several deserving candidates, and you have to find a way to break the tie, like by parsing scores.  (Last year Bill Rothwell)
     Most Improved Skipper – Awarded each year to the skipper who demonstrates the most improvement from the previous season.  Selection is based primarily on a comparison of the overall score for all local events, including the Spring Series, MRA series, Twilight series, Race Week, Labor Day regatta and the Fall Series.  (This should NOT go to Matt Hooks again, as he has already won it twice, and has developed a complex about how bad he must have been when he started. Ed)
    President’s Trophy – Awarded each year to that individual who has distinguished him or herself in some way or been most helpful to the president.  Selection is at the sole discretion of the president. (Last year:  Elise Nash)
Please feel free with nominations/suggestions/guidance on any or all of the above awards.
President Taylor

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