Greeting from the Prez – March 2004

New MRA Line — Rhodes Starting on Midway Line

This summer will see a re-alignment of the MRA starting areas. In place of the Outside and Halfway lines will be a new line, called the Midway line, which will start Etchells, IODs and Rhodes 19s. The Midway line will be located roughly the same distance from the harbor as the Halfway line, but a bit more to the south. Corinthians and Townies will sail a reduced schedule on an inner line. This new Midway Line should be a nice change of pace, as we will be in a starting area with two healthy fleets. I hope that there will be minimal conflicts between the fleets, and those that do occur should be shortlived because the speed differences between boats. A nice by-product of this change is that we will no longer need to provide volunteers for race committee duty (I know you’re disappointed). We are sure to encounter some kinks as the new system gets started, but the race committee and fleets are committed to adjusting where necessary. The starting sequence is likely to begin at 12:00, with the Rhodes start third. During Race Week, the usual three line format will continue. So in sum, there are lots of changes so be sure to read your SI’s!

Why registering for the MRA is a good idea

MRA registration isn’t until May 8th, but for those of you on the fence, not sure whether you are going to sign up this year, I’d like to offer a few thoughts to help tip the scales:

  1. MRA registration covers your registration costs for Marblehead Race Week too. So, even if you don’t get out for much sailing beyond Race Week, signing up for MRA is a great deal and gives you the option to race whenever you feel like during the summer.
  2. Did you know that Marblehead is one of the few places in the country where you can enjoy competitive Saturday racing the entire summer? it is an incredible deal when you compare the amount of racing MRA offers for the cost. And the more boats on the line, the better.
  3. Have a boat but not sure you have the time? Let me know — there are many people who have time and no boat. I can help you find crew, or boats, or whatever you need to get on the starting line. Also, there are numerous fleet members happy to give you advice on tuning up your boat!

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