Greeting from the Prez – Spring 2006

Spring Org Meeting

We will hold the annual Organizational Meeting on Thursday, April 27th in the Corinthian Yacht Club Harbor Room. This is your chance to register for the Rhodes national class, local fleet, Marblehead Racing Association, U.S. Sailing, 2006 Rhodes 19 East Coast Championships, etc. all at once. We will also be reviewing the fleet finances, discussing various scoring changes and general fleet issues. This is a great chance to get set for the season and to catch up with Rhodes friends after the long winter! Registration information for the season will also be mailed out in early April; if you don’t receive it by tax day, let us know! Also don’t forget to register for East Coast Championships before May 19th to avoid a late fee.

David J. Smith Returns to the Rhodes Fleet

The David J. Smith is a one-day regatta held each season in honor of local sailor (and Jud Smith’s father) David Smith. The event is used as an opportunity to advance innovation and excellence in the sport by providing an opportunity for RC (and competitors) to experiment and push the performance envelope. This year the event will be held on

Sunday June 11th in Rhodes!

As an added enticement to come to this event, Jud Smith will be following each of us racing and offering sail trims and other go-fast pointers. We’ll also have a debrief session at the end of the day. This is truly a special opportunity so be sure and mark it on your calendars.

East Coast Preparations

Our regatta team (Steve Braese, Tom Despres, Pete Kaznoski, Tom King, Mike Lane, Bob Meyer, Maura Power, Miller Shropshire, Steve Uhl) has been hard at work since January preparing for the 2006 East Coast Championships. We are planning 3 days of racing capped off by a dinner at the Corinthian Yacht Club. A critical component to the success of this regatta will be the assistance of local fleet members (you!). Tom Despres is looking for people to help out greeting boats as they arrive and assisting with questions, trailer storage, boat assembly, a cold beer, etc. Please contact Tom at ((781) 631-8158 or and do your part to help us out.

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