Race Week 2014 Wrap Up

Congratulations to David Nelson, Frank Hart and Crew, from Fleet 46 (Hingham), for winning the 125 Marblehead Race Week just edging out Jim and Charlie and overcoming Evan and Pete’s 3x bullets (full results.)  It was a grueling 10-race series with punishing conditions including large shifts, wildly varying velocity and steep chop.  We were lucky enough to have Chuck Allen from North Sails on the water taking some photo and video, in addition to photos by Tim Wilkes.  Also don’t miss NOOD’s own coverage of the event, which also includes some video.

Special Note on Chuck’s Videos

Chuck Allen from North Sails recorded 31 videos for us, including boats going upwind, going downwind and starting (R1, R2, R3,) which we’ve labeled by sail number and can we watched as a playlist (below) or individually.

Charlie P. adds the following pro tip for getting the most out of these videos.  He said to watch for:

  • Main trim: Watch for traveler adjustments and boom angle
  • Jib Trim: Watch for how much spreader tip is visible
  • Changing Gears: If you see a crew move on or off the rail, watch for any additional changes they make
  • Downwind: Watch for the body positioning and pole angle


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