This Evening’s Twilight Race

Good afternoon, everyone –


Sorry to be slow in getting this out to you today – – – I have been tied-up with company office business since 7:00 AM. Consequently, I do apologize for being late on getting this out today.


Here’s what we can expect for conditions for this evening’s final Twilight Race of the 2021 season:



Description: <a“>

Mostly Cloudy



NE 10 mph



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Mostly Cloudy



NE 8 mph



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Mostly Cloudy



NE 7 mph



Some notes – – –


·         Tides later today will low this afternoon at 1:54 PM – – – and high again at 8:19 PM this evening. This will mean that we have a general incoming current throughout the evening’s race.

·         The first “Warning” will be at 5:30 PM.

·         For planning purposes, there will be three (3) remaining “Booth Races” to be accomplished in September. They are:

1.      This Saturday, September 18th – Town Class Booth Fall Series #2. “Warning” at 1:30 PM

2.      This Sunday, September 19th – Rhodes-19 and T/C “Around Misery Island” race. “Warning” at 1:00 PM.

3.      Next Saturday. September 25th – Town Class  Booth Fall Series #3 – Season’s final. “Warning” at 1:30 PM.

·         Should this evening’s weather throw us “a curve” (which I doubt will be the case) a “No Go” decision would be made by 4:30 PM. Please stay tuned!


Enjoy the afternoon.

                                                                        Dave Graham

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