R19 Fleet 5 Spring Clinic Reminder – Thursday May 12th, 7pm

Fleet 5 Invites You to Join Us For The

2022 Fleet 5 Spring


What Do You Suck At?


A Moderated Panel

Skippers: Joe Fava & Matt Hooks, and
Crews: Stan Schreyer & Jim Taylor


In sailboat racing, we all have strengths and
weaknesses.  We do some things well and
others less so.  And it’s the weaknesses and
repetitive mistakes that always seem to torpedo our races.  How many positions have you lost because of
that same second-row start, crappy rounding, terrible tack or slow takedown?


So where are your weaknesses?  What areas of your game would you like to
strengthen?  Wouldn’t it be nice to ask
some of our more successful teams how they do the very things that have been
slowing you down?  Here is your




Time: 7-8:30PM

Forum:  CYC Fantail
with cash bar at the Harbor Bar

Panel: Joe Fava, Matt Hooks, Stan Schreyer & Jim Taylor

Moderator:  Kim


The topics discussed will be raised by you.  Your homework is to come up with 4-5
questions about areas you’d like to improve or things you consistently mess up.
 Come with a list of your questions.  If you’d like to submit your questions in
advance, please email them by May 8th to kpandapas@comcast.net with the subject
line “Clinic Questions.”

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