The Measurer’s Spot

by Jerry Blouin

I’ve been bombarded with questions asking more or less, “So Jerry, what’s up with certificates?” Well, the intention is to measure boats for certificates before the mast goes in this spring. There are a few loose ends at the Technical Committee that need to get tied up. If they don’t, then the focus will switch to measuring just those who plan on sailing in Nationals, but well before the event. For those whose masts have not been measured at a recent Nationals (i.e. Padanaram or Rockport), measurement requires the mast to be down, and I’ll emphasize measuring these boats before the season begins. For now, stay tuned, remain flexible, and send me an e-mail if you are planning to sail in Nationals.

And now, more of the Chief Measurer’s shorts:

  • Any positive flotation in the tanks is fine. This includes foam blocks, empty liter soda bottles with caps, air bags, etc. Check your foam for water. Old foam blocks can pick up over 100 pounds of water!
  • Check the location of your stays at the deck. You may be able to move them forward a bit so that you can let your boom out further downwind.
  • Consider moving your mast step up and forward for better upwind performance. The rules give you the numbers.
  • Mast partners have to be ‘as built.’ If one is damaged or altered, the height of the built up partner, the length and the fore/aft position must duplicate the original.

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