Road To The Cup – Week 14

Road To The Cup – Week 14

Top-10 as of 8/26/18

We heard of no R19 action in last Sunday’s morning series.

Eight boats showed up for Twilights on Thursday night, though one of them was a non-registered (and hence non-scored) interloper, who we need to invite to a party or something to get him fully in the fold. Here is the synopsis from Steve Uhl, with a slight amount of editorial embellishment.

“Finally a picture perfect twilight evening, with 8-10 NNW under sunny skies. The course was to the harbor can, and then the nun of the fort, twice around. We all reached to the can in pretty close proximity. Steve Uhl led, followed by Team Colsman followed by Jocelyn Cook. Close behind, four others reached the mark at the same time so we got some heated negotiations! The wind held steady (in contrast to most Thursday nights), so boat speed carried the day.”

Thanks Steve. That last sentence was his humble way of saying that he won. Well done. So taking 2nd was Team Colsman, with Jocelyn Cook finishing 3rd. Honorable mentions go to Team Marini in 4th and Team Sheldan/Sousa in 5th. Congratulations to all.

So with that , we have just one Twilight left in Series 2 for all the marbles, and let me tell you, it’s a nail biter. The standing for Series 2, counting the one discard, have Team Colsman leading with 9 points, followed by Team Pandapas in 2nd with 11 points and Team Uhl in 3rd with 14 points. The heat is on. And if you really want to turn up the heat, for the Twilight overalls, Team Colsman leads with 24 points, followed by John Casler in 2nd with 27 points and Steve Uhl in 3rd with 28. It’s kind of worth taking a go-cup up to the lighthouse and watching, right?

As you know, there was no action out on the MRA line this week, which figures as, after an entire month of the cruds, conditions were compelling, with a 15 knot southerly, accompanied by surfing seas. We haven’t had one of those for a while.

So, in Cup competition, the scores are updated by only the Twilight race, which now factors in a throw-out. The top-10 are listed below.

1st 982 Team Pandapas 129.00
2nd 1926 Team Taylor 180.00
3rd 1210 Frisch/Hourihan 191.00
4th 2648 Team Cooke/Kaznoski 201.00
5th 2585 Steve Uhl 220.00
6th 2435 Larry Ehrhardt 238.00
7th 2692 Team Heffernan/Harsono 239.00
8th 1299 Team Felton 263.00
9th 3172 Dave Nelson 263.00
10th 2623 Team Lane/Heffernan 269.00

Week 15 racing will include Twilight 2-7, the final scored Twilight of the season, and the 2-3 races per day of our final MRA racing of the season, MRA Series 4 (aka, the Fall Series), on Saturday and Sunday.

Other News, Notices & Miscellaneous Scuttlebutt

Labor Day Party – Our annual Labor Day Party will be Saturday September 1st and hosted by old friends Vonda & Jim Raisides. Like we did last year, we’re planning to mix it up with our friends from the J70 fleet. The event will start at 6:30, be potluck and of course include the fleet bar, stocked and delivered by Dave Reynolds. The evite went out last week, so please RSVP if you haven’t already.

Sportsmanship Update –There were no spins on the Twilight course. Below are the standings, and thanks to those on it for their sportsmanship. If the season ended today, Team Rubin would win the sportsmanship award, which could range from an attaboy at the awards banquet to possibly even an apple pie.

2018 Nationals in New Orleans – This year’s Nationals will be in New Orleans on October 3-7, hosted by our friends at Southern Yacht Club. If you’ve never been, take it from us that the Southern guys know how to throw a party. You can get more info and download the NOR here.

Fall Twilight Reminder – Remember the CYC is planning to run a Fall Series, to which we are invited, but will not be included in our fleet scoring. The dates include both Tuesdays and Thursdays and are: August 28 & 30, September 4, 6, 11 & 13. The NOR-SIs are attached.

For Sale #2566 – This is Jud Smith’s old boat in which he won the 2006 Sandy Bay Nationals. It has been well maintained, and includes a trailer, newer main, jib and spinnaker. Asking $11,000. Contact Debbi Hale at: or 603-986-5350.

Mail Bag

Joan Thayer liked the pictures Jocelyn Cook sent in a couple of weeks ago, sending this, “Nice report as always. Jocelyn has provided wonderful photos while on the water…on the road to the unofficial Fleet 5 photographer?” Thanks Joan, we liked them too, especially the storm shots.

CYC RC member and Twilight PRO Maura Power appreciates our pushing the Twilight Fall Series. “Greatly appreciate the support of the booth racing on non-MRA days. Jim [Taylor] did ask me to file that way with USCG.” The reference to USCG, in case you didn’t know, is that race organizers are required to inform the Coast Guard of racing events, the dates, time and location. Lots of moving parts behind the scenes, right?

Sarah Sheldon sent in this link to Phil Smith’s RW and JRW photos, “… where you can download free images or order smug mug prints. Some of the photos are spectacular.” Yes they are. Here are a few samples from RW with a little unfiltered commentary.

That ‘stars & bars’ chute has gotten Mike Lane into more cover shots over the years, including a recent US Sailing membership card. Effective branding.
And speaking of Team Lane, um, twing!!
Team Ianchulev should move their weight forward.
Does it look to you like anyone on this boat has any idea that the chute is shredded?
Nice concentration here. Also worth noting that Bill is playing the main sheet.
Can’t get much tighter than that.
Dave always looks so calm and relaxed.

–kp (

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