Greeting from the Prez – Fall 2004

The sailing season is officially over — the final day of the Fall Series was a gorgeous day for the few boats that made it out. By the way, Mike Lane pulled off a win for the Fall Series, just ½ point over Nick Cann, despite missing a race when his crew became seasick just before Race 1 last weekend. He dropped her off and made it back out for Race 2, single-handing, and managed a 2nd in a pretty strong breeze including some hair-raising solo chute maneuvers. That’s dedication!

Next up, after a breather to adjust to fall, get the kids back in school, etc, etc., is a Fall party. So please, mark your calendars with Saturday, November 13th, when Bruce Bolen will be graciously hosting the fleet at his home. We’ll give away a few trophies as well, which by my count were earned by over 10 different sailors. In addition, we will usher in a new slate of Fleet officers. I hope you’ll make it!

Although we had reasonably good # of registrations this year, the average turnout on the starting line was quite low by historical standards. There were also lots of changes this year – the new Midway line for example. Your Fleet leadership team needs to know —- what would get you out on the starting line more? Different starting times? Shorter courses? A secret winged-keel? The most consistent sentiment I hear is about the length of the day – which can be quite long when the air is light, the race area is quite far out, and the courses a bit on the long side. I’ll be working hard to address that. We can’t make changes and give our input to MRA unless we know what you want. So email me at I have heard from some of you already — thank you. All input / suggestions are requested. See you on November 13th.

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