Fwd: Fw: R-19 Regatta in Antigua, also Classic Race Week

Fleet 5:  

Please see the note below from Class President, Rick McGregor.  If you are interested, please connect with Jim Taylor (CC'ed)


Who would like some warm weather sailing and fun?  As you may know we
have been looking into a R19 “Fun Regatta”  in Antigua.   Fuller
Cowles, local R19 Fleet Captain, has helped coordinate a package of
options.  The R19 Regatta would take place at the Mill Reef Club…
a beautiful location.  


The timing of our regatta (April 13-17) would dovetail with Classic Race
week in Antigua, for those who would want to continue sailing on bigger
PARTICIPATE, IN SOME FORM OR FASHION.    There was enthusiasm for
the idea at our last couple of Nationals, so hopefully we can get a commitment
of enough folks to make this happen.


Attached are the letters of invitation from Fuller and folks. 
Included are details on costs and options.  For the sake of expediency I
will restate some of the details here, but I encourage you to read the


Dates:  April 13-17 with 3 days of racing (followed by Classic Race

R19's :  6 boats are available, and depending upon our wishes, we can
charter them for three half or full days

Accommodations:  Are available at the Yacht Club or in houses

Classic Race Week:  There are a variety of options from crewing
(ranges from rail sitting to participation) on some of the large crewed classic
boats to seeking out smaller boats for charter.  Our participation (as
crew) could extend to just a few day(s) sailing, to sailing the entire
regatta.  Details here would need to be worked out.


Our timing is short on this, and so I am asking that the fleets
coordinate responses back to me at the first opportunity.  I have included
some of the information that I would need to go forward.  Also, I can
consolidate any questions to pose to Fuller et al.   I hope that we
can make this happen.


 How many would be interested in:

1. Racing R19's

2. Attending but not racing

3. Possibly participating in the Classic Race Week


I am looking for feedback whether you plan to attend or not.  If there
is sufficient interest I would like to form a small committee to flush out the
details and help in the implementation. 



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